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Opposite pairs in creation

Discussion in 'Islam and Non-Medical Sciences' started by administrator, May 24, 2008.

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    Opposite pairs in creation

    “Glory be to Him Who created all the pairs; from what the earth produces and from themselves and from things unknown to them.” (The Quran, 36:36)

    Although the concept of “pair” or “couple” commonly stands for male and female, the statement : “from things unknown to them” has wider implications. Today, one of the implications of the verse has been revealed. With the advanced technology and research, scientists have found out that even matter is created in pairs. British scientist, Paul Dirac, who proposed that matter is created in pairs, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1933, while the Quran told us about the pairs 1400 years ago. This discovery is called “parite”. This fact is stated in a scientific manner as follows:

    “…every particle has its antiparticle of opposite charge………and the uncertainty relation tells us that pair in creation and pair annihilation happens in the vacuum at all times, in all places."

    Recent advancements in science have shown that not only all animals, plants, and matters but bacteria also have an opposite pair or strain. In plants, now we know, there are male and female seeds and male and female trees. A male date tree looks different from a female tree.

    This verse, which clearly states a fact about “pairs of unknown” that was not known to previous generations, and has been recently discovered, could have only come from the All-Knowing Allah.
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