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Ihsan International Hadith Study Association Network

The International Hadith Study Association Network is made up of the institutions and individuals in receipt of the Hadith Encyclopedia from the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation and who have an active interest in Hadith studies. The intention behind the formation of the Association is twofold:

1. to encourage, facilitate and advance world-wide, work in all the disciplines of Hadith study by means of the Hadith Encyclopedia Database, and through mutual assistance and encouragement between members of the Association; and

2. continually to enrich the Database by means of the research it encourages and the interaction of all the members working in the field.


Available online to IHSAN Network members is the Foundation's searchable hadith database. The printed edition of the hadith collections released by the Foundation in 2000 includes a Windows-compatible CD-ROM. This contains a database which includes all the hadith collections provided in printed form, which may be accessed by searches of various kinds and of various degrees of complexity. The same functionality is contained in the online version of the hadith database.

More information about the printed hadith volumes.
More information about the Hadith database CD-ROM.
Azhar permissions
Extracts from reviews of Hadith scholars on the Musnad Ahmad
The Introduction (Muqaddimah) of the Hadith Encyclopedia.
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