Health Concerns For BELIEVERS

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Islamic Medicine
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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

"And when I am ill,
it is He Who cures me"
(The Holy Quran 26:80)

To my patients
15,000 of them in 25 years
whom I thank for trusting me
for health care and teaching me about their illnesses

Physician's Prayer
Praise be to God
The Creator of the Universe
Who taught us,
"Whoever saves a human life has saved the life of all mankind"
(Quran 5:32).

* Give us the knowledge, the skills and the will to serve fellow humans.
* Give us the wisdom to comfort and console all
toward peace and harmony.
Help us alleviate human sufferings.
* Give us the strength to admit our mistakes,
amend our ways and to forgive others.
* Give us the devotion to serve the poor, the hungry, the destitute
and homeless with honor, love, dignity and piety,
with patience and tolerance, with knowledge and vigilance,
with Thy love in our hearts, compassion for Thy servants and desire for
Thy mercy for all those who are instruments of Thy healing. (Amen)

Shahid Athar, M. D.
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