Organ Donation

“ Whosoever saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.”
“ Whosoever helps another will be granted help from Allah.”

Islam’s View on Organ Transplants and Donations
Organ donation is permitted in Islam if it is done within the permissible limits prescribed by the Shari`ah.
Sale of Human Organs 1
The legal consequence of any sale in terms of contracting or not, validity or not, permissibility or not is contingent upon the fulfillment of the conditions stipulated by law in sale, and deduced by Muslim jurists from Sharia texts and rules.
Sale of Human Organs 2
Jurists unanimously agree upon impermissibility and invalidity of selling a free person. They do not consider man as “money” on the basis of the authentic Hadith by the prophet.
Sale of Human Organs 3
As already mentioned, jursits unanimously agree on the invalidity sale of any part of man except woman’s milk, either due to honouring man with his entire organs, or for the inconceivability of deriving benefit from human organs after separation.
Sale of Human Organs 4
If the matter had been confined to such considerations upon which jurists based the impermissibility of sale of human organs, it would have been possible to end the discussion on this question by giving more weight to the opinion
Organ Transplant
The Fuqaha of the Maliki and the Hanbal schools state that it is impermissible to dissect a dead pregnant lady in order to retrieve the baby, as it is difficult to determine whether the baby is alive.