Islam, Psychology & Sexual

“The compartmentalization of knowledge, which is one of the characteristics of the mental and intellectual
scene of the modern world, is not only reflected in modern education but is also caused by it.”

Modern Stress & its cure from Quran
Stress is the most common aliment of modern age. It has been implicated in the causation of peptic ulcer disease, coronary heart disease, depression, auto immune disease, hypertension, diabetes and even cancer.
Holy Qur’an and the Psyche
The’Holy Qur’an’ through its impact upon the mentality and the spirits of the people , had transformed the heterogenous tribes of the people, had transformed the heterogenous tribes of the Arabian Peninsula in to a great nation.
Islam and Psychosomatic Medicine
Lack of faith in the Almighty Creator is one of the theories of psychological disorders leading to psychoneurosis and psychoses. This can be understood from the knowledge of the mechanisms of development disorders.
Anger and Dejection – An Islamic Perspective
When Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) became angry at someone else’s wrong actions or disbeliefs, he never expressed it with his hand or tongue. His companions knew that he was angry by looking at his face.
Towards an Islamic Perspective of Developmental Psychology
This article seeks to advance an Islamic understanding of the process of human development. It begins with a critique of the Western secular worldview, which relies exclusively on empiricism and reductionism.
Sex Education for Muslim Youths and their Parents
Qur’an has given so much emphasis on acquiring, knowledge, and in the days of Prophet Mohammed (saws) Muslim men, and women were never too shy to ask him questions including those relating to private affairs such as sexual life.
Sex Education – An Islamic Perspective
“If you tell kids about sex, they’ll do it. If you tell them about VD, they’ll go out and get it. Incredible as may seem, most oppositions to sex education in this country are based on the assumption that knowledge is harmful.
The desire to have a better sexual performance for men is again, not a new preoccupation. Muslim Hakims (traditional physicians’) have been working on medications for over one thousand years trying to achieve a magic love pill.
Homosexuality: The Cost to Society
Of all topics most popular in today’s media, issues concerning homosexuals and homosexuality in general top the list. Homosexuality is generally defined as a sexual relationship between partners of the same sex.
Islamic view about Homosexuality
Homosexuality is not allowed in Islam. There are various verses in Quran where Allah clearly says about Homosexuality.
Homosexuality and Lesbianism: Sexual Perversions
In a recent TV show, some lesbians and gays appeared and the announcer said that we should show some more respect to the feelings and behavior of others. He further commented that we should know how to live together and accept others.