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The Prophet’s Way of Applying Love

Discussion in 'Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him' started by administrator, Jun 8, 2008.

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    To apply love between couples you need to be an inventor, a creative woman like Lady Aisha. Lady Safiea (May Allah be pleased with her) asked Aisha one day to try to let the Prophet excuse her because he was angry with her because of some matter and she will give Aisha her day. Lady Aisha wore a long saffron colored veil after and spread water on it to make it smell well. She went to the Prophet and sat beside him but he said: "Aisha, go now it is not your day." She said: "It's the favor of Alla being given to whom he want" and she told him the story.

    A woman asked Lady Aisha about henna. She replied:” My beloved (PBUH) loved its color and hated its smell.” Notice how she used the love language in describing the Prophet’s opinion.

    From the Prophet’s side, he has also his ways in applying love.

    Lady Aisha was asked about the first thing the Prophet was making when entering his home. She replied: he was using siwak (arak stick for tooth cleaning).Narrated by Muslim

    Some scholars said that the Prophet did that to kiss his wives when arriving home.

    Al Bukhary narrated :”Lady Aisha said that she was perfuming her husband; his head and beard. She was also combing the Prophet's hair even if she was menstruating."

    Now some of men don't beautify themselves for their wives besides the bad smell of smoking persons. Some don't care for their bodies and armpits smell, clothes, hairs and nails. They neglect embellishments towards their women.

    Women have rights to see and smell all good from their husbands. Follow the Prophet’s example in that matter and you will see how these things increases love between husbands and wives.

    Ibn Abbas said that he was beautifying himself for his wife because it is her right to see him in his best conditions as he likes the same from her.

    The Almighty Allah said: ". And they (women) have rights (over their husbands) similar (to those of their husbands) over them to what is reasonable "(Al Bakara:228)

    Another example :

    A women came to Omar Ibn Elkhatab and asked him to divorce her from her husband. When the Khaliefa saw him he knew the reason of his wife’s hatered towards him. So he ordered him to have a bath, adjust his nails, his hair and his clothes. His wife didn't recognize him at the beginning, then she knew him and yielded the idea of divorce because she became very happy with this great change.

    Yahia Ibn Abdelrahman Alhandhaly mentioned that he saw Muhammad Ibn Alhanafia in a red wrap and his beard was dropping some scents from it. When he asked him about that, he answered him that it is for the sake of his wife who likes to see him like that, the same way he likes to see her in.

    Learn the ways of increasing love between you and your wife…Follow the example of the Prophet and his companions May Allah be pleased with them…

    Apply what you like to see from your wife upon yourself to strengthen all love relationships and live a happy live…

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