The Pregnant and The Lactating

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The pregnant woman and the lactating woman are considered among "those with a legitimate excuse" concerning the fast of Ramadam. The hadith of the prophet says:

"'God has exempted the traveller during his journey from fasting and part of prayer (qasr), and exempted the pregnant and the lactating from fasting." (Termizi, Nisai'i)

They should later on repeat the fasting of the days they missed. Some pregnant women, however, find it difficult to repeat at a later date the fasting of the days they missed to fast during Ramadan, as they should do after delivery .They tend therefore to opt to continue their fasting during Ramadan rather than make use of the option given them not to fast. It is more appropriate that the woman should seek the counsel of her physician who for the purpose of this counsel should be a practising Muslim.

Consideration of her general health, the condition of the pregnancy, home conditions regarding effort or stress, availability of home help etc. will enable her to make an informed decision whether to fast or not.

During pregnancy prayers are observed as usual, but on occasion modification of the posture during prayer may be made if the routine format becomes too uncomfortable.

Sex is not prohibited during pregnancy unless is entails danger to mother or baby as deemed by the doctor. Bleeding during pregnancy is of course not menstruation. The causes are many and medical help should be sought. For the purpose of worship the bleeding during pregnancy is considered to be " istihada" and therefore is no ban on prayer, fasting, tawaf etc.
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