The Leaders of Modern Science Choose Islam and the Qur'an

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Six international scientific conferences were held to show the scientific miracles in the Qur'an and Sunnah (sayings of the Prophet Muhammad). In these conferences many scientists, Muslim and non-Muslim, came from several countries and several scientific specialization's to listen or to give lectures about the different scientific miracles which they discovered in the Qur'an. The most recent conference was held in Bandung in Indonesia, in 1994. All Kinds of scientific research in different scientific fields were discussed.

Many famous Western scientists became convinced that the Qur'an is the "Truth" because Muhammad could not possibly know all this diverse and up-to-date scientific data, in this ancient period.

Here we give only a few examples:

1. Professor Keithi L.Moore: He is Professor of Anatomy, Twinabic, West Canada, head of the organization of scientists in embryology and anatomy in Canada. Member of the Royal Society (medical) in Canada, the international academy for histology, and the American union of anatomists.

He is the author of many scientific books in anatomy and embryology. He wrote 8 books which are considered scientific references by medical students and have been translated into six languages.

When Professor keith L.Moore saw the various scientific researches about the Qur'an in different scientific fields he was greatly astonished and he said:"I am so glad to share in the sharing and explanation of these verses in the Qur'an and the Hadith that describe embryology. From this evidence it is clear to me that this scientific information came to Muhammad from Allah, because all this scientific information was not discovered except in recent times. This proves to me that Muhammad is truly the Prophet of Allah."

When Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani (one of the Islamic scholars and supervisors of the conferences of scientific miracles in the Qur'an and Sunnah asked Prof. Moore:- "Does this mean that you believe that the Qur'an is the word of Allah?" He answered: "I don't find difficulty in this? How do you believe in Muhammad while you believe in Jesus?" Answer: "I believe that both are from the same school."

2. Professor Taganat Tagason: Head of the Department of anatomy and Embryology at Shying May University in Thailand.

After this he was the head of the Faculty of Medicine at the same university. He Said:"In the last three years I have been interested in translating the meaning of the Qur'an that Sheikh Abdul Majid Al-Zindani gave me, and the lectures of prof. Keith L.Moore which he asked me to translate into the Thai language and to give some lectures to the students in Thailand. I believe that everything mentioned in the Qur'an 1400 years ago is true and can be proven by scientific methods. We know that the Prophet Muhammad could not read or write, so he could never have known these scientific data. This must be by inspiration from God, who knows all science. Thus, I believe that this is the time to say: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah."

3. Professor Marshall Johnson: Head of the Depeartment of Anatomy, head of the Daniel Academy at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

He said:"I am a scientist who can only deal with things that I can see definitely. I can understand the science of embryology. Also, I can understand the words that are translated to me from the Qur'an. If we supposed that I was living in the period of Muhammad, I could never know what I know now. I do not see any cause or any evidence for truth that can antagonize the information of this man, Muhammad, who definitely must have received these documents from some other place. So, I do not believe that any scientific evidence could be considered against the idea that God's interference was the cause of the knowledge by Muhammad of all this information that he called people to."

4. Professor Joly Sumson: Professor in Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Northwestern University in Chicago, U.S.A.

He said:"I believe that there is no controversy between modern scientific documents and the inspiration (of Muhammad). Also, inspiration confirms the scientific methods. The Qur'an came several centuries ago, confirming what we discovered. This indicates that the Qur'an is the word of Allah."

5. Professor Persad: Head of the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine - Menatopa University, Canada.

He has written a number of books on gynaecology. He said:"The information given to me is that Muhammad was a very simple man, who could not read or write. We now are speaking about him. He gave comments which are very deep and very accurate in an astonishing way, personally, I can't see how all this is just chance. There are many very accurate data. I am, like Dr. Keith Moore, not finding any difficulty in my mind in agreeing - that it was inspiration from Allah which led him to all this information."

6. Professor Palmar: He is one of he major scientists in geology in the U.S.A.

He said:"This book (the Qur'an) is a strange book. It discusses the past, the recent period, and the future. I do not know the cultural level of the people in the period of Muhammad and I do not know their scientific level. If it is as we know about the low scientific level in this ancient period, and the absence of technology, then there is no doubt that what we are reading nowadays in the Qur'an is a light from God. He inspired it in Muhammad. I had made research into the early history of civilization in the Middle East in order to know if there was such perfect information as this. If there was no other information like the Qur'anic information in that ancient period, this strengthens the faith that Allah sent Muhammad; He sent to him a little amount from His large science, which we have discovered only in recent time. We are hoping for continuous dialogue in the subject of science with the Qur'an in the field of geology."

7. Professor Syawda: He is one of the most famous scientists in the field of oceanic geology in Japan and also in the world.

Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zandani Said:"When we met him for the first time, he said in a rigid voice:"you are the people of religion, you must keep silent forever, it is not right for you to speak in any subject!"

Sheikh: "Why professor, why?"
Prof : " Because you are making war between people all over the world!"
Sheikh: "NATO, why are they collecting these destructive weapons in the earth, land, oceans, space, why this, is it because they are religious people?"
Prof: Silent

And after a long discussion about the function of mountains for the fixing of the earth (land), and how the Qur'an describes them as "nails" and with the necessary references, the angry professor was completely surprised and said:"I believe that this (the Qur'an's information) is very very strange, it is nearly impossible, I believe truly that if what you are saying is right, thus, this book (the Qur'an) is very valuable to be noticed, I agree with you."

8. Professor Darga Bernald Raw: Professor in oceanic geology.

After discussion about what came in Qur'an about oceans science and geology, he said:"It is difficult to suppose that this type of knowledge was known in the period 1400 years ago. Some things include general ideas, but this detailed and long description is very difficult. Thus, certainly this is not simple human science. The simple man cannot explain these complicated phenomena with this level of detail. So, I am thinking of an extraordinary force out of human ability. This accurate information came from an extra ordinary source."

By this expert's evidence we come to the end of this small research: Everyone knows that the ignorant man can easily change his religion for any cause - love, money, work - and there are many examples of this type of hesitating people. But everyone also knows that a famous scientist and a major specialist in science will not erasily change his rigid ideas, especially in the field of religion, except for very strong evidence, and highly surprising data.

These luminaries of the school of modern science cast their votes for Muhammad that man who came from a very primitive time, could not write or read, and called the world with a loud voice, saying that he is the last Prophet, believing in all previous Prophets and continuing their mission, and correcting the religious controversies and misunderstandings, believing in all the miracles of the previous Prophets, but having the greatest miracle that every nation, with every language and every place and every time until Doomsday can see, discuss, and understand. It is the miracle in the filed of the mind, the miracle of science that is the great Qur'an.

When people who were professional in magic in Moses' time admitted and believed in Moses after they saw his miracle, they were the strongest evidence for Allah to the human race in this period. When the followers of Jesus believed in him, they were the evidence for all their nation. And now after this long time, Muhammad is calling the human race to the straight way, the way of the previous Prophets, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and others, to avoid the misunderstandings and mistaken actions committed by those who kept the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Muhammad was a branch from the same tree of Prophets, a descendant of Abraham, like other Prophets coming before. He has the continuously visible miracle, the scientific miracle of the Qru'an, and when the people who are professional in science in every field admit and enter Islam behind Muhammad, thus, they are the greatest form of evidence from Allah and Muhammad.

"And say: 'The truth has now come from your Sustainer. Let, then, him who wills believe in it and let him who wills reject it. Verily, for all who sin against themselves (by rejecting Our truth) We have readied a fire." [Qur'an 18:29]

"There has come unto you from God a light, and a clear divine book, through which God shows unto all that seek His goodly acceptance the paths leading to salvation and, by His grace, brings them out of the depths of darkness into the light and guides them onto a straight way."[5:15-16]
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