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The final of Personality

Discussion in 'Amazing Quran' started by administrator, May 15, 2008.

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    The prophet “PBUH” said The pen is raised from three parsons: From who is afflict ted and from the boy till he reaches the age of maturity [Refer To Saheeh Eljami] It means that three parsons are not accounted for their conducts behaviors the sleeping person till he wakes up the one who is afflict by madness the boy who has nitrated the age of puberty Now it is medically proofed that the cells of human skin mussels bone s and eyes venue themselves every seven years except the cells of the nervous system which stop from development at the age of gull because at the agearapid development in brain takes place If the cells of the heroes system continue to get renewed at that crucial periods of age then the person laity of the person would have changed he would have had contradictory conducts behave our at asinle moment This indicates the wisdom of Allah the creator the Innovator The growing boy is escccempted from being accounted for his conduits till he reaches the age if complete development which corers the brain the nervous system the body After the comp lets development of the envois system its cells neither increase nor decrease.

    Source: Don’t You Look into yourself? Tubsiroon By Anass bin Abdel Hameed Elgo3
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