A synopsis of the History of Islamic Medicine


Islamic Medicine
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Dr.Husain Nagamia, MD

Preservation of life is mandated by the following verse of the Qur’an: “The saving of one life is as if one has saved humanity.” From the earliest times in the history of Islam, medicine has played a vital role. The importance of seeking treatment was emphasized by the Prophet himself in his sayings, which are known as the Hadith: “Allah never created a disease for which he did not create a cure. So seek treatment.” “There is a cure for every malady (except old age). If the right treatment is administered, Allah willing the malady is cured.”

All the religious scholars agree that a medical doctor is ordained to find a cure for a disease and if one is not found, he should continue to do research until it is found. Thus in Islam disease is not looked upon as a curse from God to be endured and suffered but as an affliction for which a cure has to be sought and administered, with patience and perseverance.


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